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When to inspect for mold

One good thing about mold- if you can see it, you have mold in your house. Seeing mold in the cracks and corners of your walls definitely means it is growing and spreading more spores. Keep in mind that mold may also grow in places you cannot see, such as in your ducts or between your walls. It may also form colonies so tiny they escape the eye. A few situations should make you look for any mold problems in your house.

  • Water damage. If your basement flooded, roof leaked, or a broken pipe sprayed water all over the kitchen, you need to inspect for mold. Any place that got wet and was not quickly dried (within 24 to 48 hours) could become contaminated by mold.
  • Purchasing a new home. There is no way to know what kind of water damage may have happened in the house you are planning to buy. The only way to find out if mold is present is to do a mold inspection.
  • After a house has been unoccupied. If a house has been closed up and unoccupied for months or years, humidity could have built up inside and caused mold to grow. This is especially a problem in warmer areas with high humidity.
  • After mold remediation. If you have gone through the often expensive and difficult steps to deal with a mold problem, regular mold inspections are a good idea to make sure you really got rid of it all.
  • You see some mold. If you notice some green, blue, black or white stuff growing in your house, do a mold inspection to make sure you find it all. It might not be restricted to one location.

Palm Harbor’s Mold Inspection Services

While mold is an important component of nature in the process of breaking down organic matter, its growth in the occupied area like a home or an office is a matter of concern. It should be eradicated from such areas with immediate effect. Water and heat are two factors that play an important role in giving growth culture to the molds. This growth of mold directly infects the air and decreases the quality of air. If exposed to such an atmosphere for a longer period of time it may cause health issues.

Palm Harbor, Pinellas County is a humid area and the presence of mold can be quick. But its removal is necessary and should not be delayed. Mold is airborne and rapidly spreads through the HVAC system, hence, a regular inspection of the presence of mold is always suggested. A water leak, flooding or water from fire ducts are the main causes of mold.

The proper way of treating mold in a house is first its inspection followed by its testing. This helps in identifying the existence of mold and thus leading us to determine the source of mold growth.

How Mold Inspections Save Your Money

Mold problems may seem small at first but it gets serious in a very small period of time as it is airborne and spreads through the heating and cooling ducts. As a mold inspector my responsibility is to provide you with the details of a safe, damage free and a worthy place to invest.
Mold inspection helps you save money in the near future. If the house is affected by mold often, one should think before investing in that property. You do not want to be spending money on fixing the mold throughout the year. It is a major health risk health wise as well as financially. On the other hand if your future property is declared as mold free, you live a hassle free and stress free life.

Why Choose us?

Buying a home is a single large investment that you make and I understand the anxiety it may cause. At Home Inspector Owl I have been raising the bar of inspections with my years of experience, professional training and an unparalleled dedication to provide detailed reports. My goal is to provide my clients clear, professional and concise information to make an informed decision. While purchasing a house may be an overwhelming process, I make sure that the property you invest in is strong and safe.

Our Promise:

  • Providing quality work as I value our clients and maintaining a long term relationship is of utmost importance.
  • Providing a detailed, accurate and complete review of the property.
  • As a certified InterNACHI professional, my work is concise and well versed.
  • Value for money. While cheaper is not always better and the kind of formal inspection that you will receive will be credential and worthwhile.

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Generally, mold infestations in the house is not an ideal situation. More than the presence of mold the core problem is leakage and plumbing issues. Some molds have odour and others are odourless. While mold can be black, blue, green or white in colour and varied in shape.  If you have a baby, an elderly or someone with respiratory issues you should avoid investing in that property. However, you can ask the seller to reduce the cost of the house in order to use that money in treating the mold.

Judging a book by its cover is not an ideal situation when you are investing in your future dream house. Mold inspection is an important aspect of the house inspection as it suggests the areas of the house that  need more attention than others. Water leaking and plumbing issues are the major reasons for mold to grow. While all molds may not be dangerous yet there are some that may cause allergy issues. Hence, mold inspection is always a good idea and suggested.

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