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What really matters in a home inspection?

major defects, such as a structural failure; conditions that can lead to major defects, such as a roof leak; issues that may hinder your ability to finance, legally occupy, or insure the home if not rectified immediately; and. safety hazards, such as an exposed, live buss bar at the electrical panel

Palm Harbor’s Residential Inspection Services

A residential inspection includes a thorough inspection of the entire framework of the house as a part of the real estate. This also includes a complete inspection of some of the major appliances of the house as well along with the basic aspects like roof, flooring, HVAC and electricals. As our client, I want you to have a deep sense of satisfaction before you go ahead and do the financial investment. Our focus is on a detailed overview of the property at hand.

I am an InterNACHI trained professional and my aim is to provide a risk free and informative report for you to have a complete understanding of the house which will not only list the positives but also the shortcomings.

Inspection Overview:

  • As a seller the inspection will help you determine and get any fixes required in the house. This directly helps in maintaining the house rates and dodge the buyer negotiations.
  • As a buyer, home inspections bring you clarity on the condition of the property and what all repairs are to be done and provide you a sense of relaxation before making the final decision with your investment.
  • Four Point Inspection
  • Wind Mitigation Inspections
  • Mold Inspection Services
  • New construction Services

How Residential Inspections Save Your Money

A Home Inspection includes a detailed documentation of every aspect of the house. It’s a non- invasive inspection of the condition of the property. As a homebuyer, you can save a lot of money before investing your hard earned money in the wrong dream house.

Here are quick 5 points on how a home inspection can you some money:

  • Home inspection helps you identify the underlying problems of the property and save you money in a longer run as it includes inspection of the structural aspect, plumbing, roofing and heating and cooling systems.
  • Ensures safety as home inspection detects hazardous issues about the presence of radon, mold or termites.
  • Acts as a negotiator between the buyer and the seller. The one making the investment can always ask for repairs and replacements or price deductions on the price.
  • Home inspections can provide the clients with detailed information on Wind Mitigation Inspection and Four point Inspections, which saves time and money in the long run.
  • As buyers, we fall in love with the exteriors of the house and the way it is presented. However, home inspection reveals the big picture and as a future investment lets you decide the right property for you.

Why Choose us?

Buying a home is a single large investment that you make and I understand the anxiety it may cause. At Home Inspector Owl I have been raising the bar of inspections with my years of experience, professional training and an unparalleled dedication to provide detailed reports. My goal is to provide my clients clear, professional and concise information to make an informed decision. While purchasing a house may be an overwhelming process, I make sure that the property you invest in is strong and safe.

Our Promise:

  • Providing quality work as I value our clients and maintaining a long term relationship is of utmost importance.
  • Providing a detailed, accurate and complete review of the property.
  • As a certified InterNACHI professional, my work is concise and well versed.
  • Value for money. While cheaper is not always better and the kind of formal inspection that you will receive will be credential and worthwhile.

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Home inspection is a rigorous process and  may seem like a tedious affair to the buyers. However, it plays one of the most crucial roles in the process of purchasing a house. As a buyer it's a good idea to accompany the inspector during the home inspection visits. It gives you a perfect chance to pacify your queries and clarify all the doubts you might have regarding the maintenance or safety of the house.

You are a client paying for the services of the inspection, hence to access your future you will own.

From a legal point of view, there are no mandatory fixes required post a home inspection. However, as an investor you should consider if the following issues persist:

  1. Water issues
  2. Damaged roofs
  3. Plumbing problems
  4. Structure and framework
  5. Old electrical system
  6. Pests and mold
  7. Issues with HVAC system.

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